How to Size Wading Boots? 5 Tips For Sizing Wading Boots

Sizing wading boots is not easy, this guide will help you best wading boots size, and answer your questions like what size wading boots do I need?

A wading boot that is too snug or too loose is a recipe for disaster. It’ll leave your feet sore, let alone the trouble you’ll have while trying to balance on the slippery rocks. That is why experts recommend you spend a reasonable amount of time sizing wading boots flawlessly.

Whenever I go shopping for best wading boots, I always come across at least a dozen customers complaining about buying the size wrong. There are dozens of brands, each giving a different fit and following a new size guide. So how do you size wading boots for an accurate fit?  Here are five amazing trips that will help you;

Sizing Wading Boots – 5 Things To Remember

Getting the right size in wading boots may be easier said than done. Many people find it troublesome to decide about what size boots to buy. But things get more manageable when you follow these five primary rules when choosing one;

1. Look For Manufacturer’s Instructions

Most manufacturers or brands include a wader boot size chart for online customers. First, check your feet’ measurements there. The chart often includes different standard sizes and the corresponding foot length in inches or centimeters. You can measure accordingly.

Next, the manufacturers have specific instructions about going a size or half a size up with the wading boot size chart. Korker’s, for instance, recommends that you get one full size bigger than your standard street shoe size. Redington, on the other hand, instructs getting your standard size.

So, whenever you have doubts about your wading boot’s size, check with what the manufacturers have to say.

2. Run A Background Check

Even the cheapest wading boots cost more than $200 at least, and spending that money on something without looking it up on the internet is nothing short of foolishness. I always recommend searching up a product online and seeing what other buyers say about it.

The reviews will often let you know if a particular boots brand runs smaller or bigger for most people and can help you decide.

3. Double-Check With Waders

You’ll be wearing your boots with 3mm or 5mm thick neoprene waders, plus some socks for insulation, depending upon the weather. All of them will need some space in the shoe. It is a good idea to take your fly fishing waders with you when you go boots shopping so you can try the boots with them without any double guessing.

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4. Look For Lateral Movement

How do I know what size wading boots do I need? Most people think that it is the length of the boot that matters. It is even more confusing for those with feet either too wide or too narrow. When you try on a pair of boots, you should look for the sideways movement they allow for your feet while in motion.

If the boot is excessively roomy, your feet will roll over, and you may have difficulty balancing in it. Likewise, if they are too tight, they may cause discomfort pain, hinder blood circulation, and crumple the toes.

5. Test The Laces

Regardless of the size of the wading boot you buy, always try them on and see if the laces work for you. It won’t matter if the size is perfect, but the boot won’t remain in place after a few minutes due to laces that get loose.

I usually prefer the Boa system for laces because they don’t budge even after hours of locking them in place. You may try all the lacing options out there to see what suits you best.

6. Examine The Ankle Support

Having a pair of wading boots that fit perfectly also means that your ankles are safe from injuries. The ankle collar in these boots works only if the size is correct.

The right size should be snug enough to support your ankles, prevent them from twisting, and also not too tight to impede normal movement.

Wading Boot Sizing Guide For Different Brands

I’ve been an angler for a long time now, and during my years in fly fishing, there are very few brands of wading boots I haven’t tried. Therefore, through my experience with these brands, I am listing how I found their sizes for me.

Please note that this guide is based on my judgment and may vary for different individuals. I have normal-width feet that are neither too chubby nor too slim.

Redington Wading Boots Sizing

Redington boots run true to their size. You should not even size up to accommodate waders while buying them.

Simms Wading Boots Sizing

According to the Simms wading boots size chart getting one full size bigger than your street shoe size will give you a proper fitting.

Detailed review of

Simms Men’s Freestone Wading Boots Review

Simms Tributary Felt Sole Wading Boots Review

Korkers Wading Boots Sizing

Korkers sizing chart states that you’ll get an excellent fit when you get one size up. If you wear a half size, try going one and a half size bigger. I have prepared a full guide on Korkers wading boots reviews here.

Orvis Ultralight Wading Boots Sizing

Orvis boots usually run small. I order at least two sizes larger than what I usually wear, and they fit perfectly, contrary to the Orvis wading boots size chart that recommends going a single size up.

Detailed review of

Orvis Ultralight Wading Boots for MenOrvis Ultralight Wading Boots for Women

Chota Wading Boots Sizing

Most of the Chota wading boots are a size bigger than street shoe size.

Chota Outdoor Gear, Rubber Soled Wading Boots Review

Hodgman Wading Boots Sizing

Hodgman wading boots are good to go in a size up. Going only a half size up will suffice if you wear a half size.

Hodgman Neoprene Wade Shoe Review

Caddis Wading Boots Sizing

I found the Caddis wading boots to run at least two sizes bigger than my standard shoe size.

Caddis Men’s Taupe Felt Sole Wading Shoe Review

Patagonia Wading Boots Sizing

Patagonia wading boots are usually accurate to their size. A size 12 wading boots will be fine for you if you wear the same size in street shoes.

Frogg Toggs Wading Boots Sizing

Frogg Togg makes pretty wide size wading boots. Ordering your standard shoe size will still leave plenty of room for neoprene booties in them.

FROGG TOGGS Men’s Saltshaker Wading Boots Review

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Q. What size wading boots for stockingfoot waders?

Most manufacturers recommend going at least a size up than what you usually wear in street shoes for wearing a wading boot with Stockingfoot waders.

Q. What size Simms wading boots will fit me if I usually wear a size 10?

Simms wading boots give a proper fitting if you get a size bigger than your standard street shoe size. So, if you wear a size 10, a size 11 in Simms must fit you.

Q. Are wading boots true to size?

Wading boots usually run a size smaller than street shoe size if you include the space waders occupy. So sizing up is a good idea. However, always check the sizing guidelines beforehand.

Q. How to size wading boots?

Sizing wading boots isn’t that complicated if you take care of a few basic things. These are;

Checking the manufacturer’s guidelinesReading online reviews about how a particular brand sizes its bootsTrying the size with waders for accurate fitPay attention to the foot’s lateral movement in the bootCheck if the laces stay tightSee if the ankle support is sufficient


So now that I have unveiled the secret tips and tricks about sizing wading boots accurately, the job should not seem as daunting as before. Getting an ill-fitting pair will not only cause you fish but also a lot of pain in your feet. So be smart and do your homework right before getting one for yourself.

For more on wading boots, check how to dry wading boots and the best insoles for wading boots.

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