TOP 10 Best Wader Bags 2023


Fly fishing means all of your time in the water hence, your gear and waders would be completely wet. That said, you must have a durable storage bag, commonly known as a wader bag to keep your belongings in it. The best wader bags are designed to be waterproof and provide spacious accommodation, especially for waders. 

  As you take off your waders, they will be drenched in water and can catch dirt and grime. To protect it from getting dirty, anglers prefer storing these in wader bags. In our experience, we found the Fishpond Green River Wader Bag as an ideal fit and the best wader bag. Not only is this bag durable, waterproof, and commodious but also withstands all weather conditions. 

  Whatever product you choose, make sure it has all the qualities that a high-end wader storage bag should have. These include durability, waterproofing, comfort, and quick drying. Let’s learn about the top choices in detail below: 

10 Best Wader Bags

1. Fishpond Green River Wader Bag – Best Wader Bags For Professionals

  As always, Fishpond made another great bag. This one is great for both bringing all your gear, and also for putting in a raft. Although the bag itself is not waterproof, it was a nice deep waterproof bottom, so unless you are getting swamped or in heavy rain, your gear will be fine. Mine easily holds three reels, three small fly boxes as well as one Large boat box of flies along with all the tippet, hooks, indicators, etc. It has endless pockets and pouches. Well designed bag.

  The waterproof, molded, hard bottom not only saves from water penetration but levels up the durability. Because of the solid base, the bag easily holds a great amount of weight. This bag helped us stay organized throughout the trip.

  For example, the exterior zip-down pocket offered super convenient access to the fly box. However, there is no ventilation in the bag which can cause a bad smell from dirty wader. Apart from that, everything in the bag is beyond one’s expectations. 


Multiple compartments
Stores wet and dry items separately
Solid bottom 


No ventilation 

Considering the functionality, this wader bag is best suited for professional fly fishers that require a large bag with lots of compartments to keep everything organized. 

2. Simms Taco Wader Bag – Best All-Around Wader Bags

  I bought this for my bf to use when he goes steelhead fishing in the winter. He bought new simms waders and I thought this would be a great addition to his simms collection based on the reviews I’ve read. It’s great quality. There’s also the simms fish logo on one side that I didn’t see in photos which I liked.

Also, he just got into hunting a couple weeks ago and bought a compound bow. It is the perfect size for it! I’m so happy with this purchase!

  Even after regular use for several months, the bag was still intact with the same durability. Don’t worry about growing mildew or mold in the wet waders because the bag consists of mesh vents. 

  The carry straps ensure maximum comfort while carrying the bag. What else makes it the best all-around wader bag is its waterproofing abilities along with YKK water-resistant zippers. These make sure that the zips don’t jam especially when you return from fishing in saltwater. 


Very roomy
Lasts season after season
Carry strap prevents strain


Boots with studs can cause the fabric to wear in the bag

Solid performance with easy transport and no foul smell, this product is indeed one of the best wader bags.

3. Palmyth Wader Bag – Best Packable Wader Bag

  I came across this product by accident. When compared to other brand names this bag is just as good so why pay more? Nothing better than putting on your waders and boots and not having to brush off dirt and sand. You just open it up, lean on your tailgate, and it's like putting on your stuff at the house. Then when you are done fishing do the opposite and you not only stay clean but so does your vehicle interior. Just remember when you get home take everything out and let it dry.

  The water-repellent fabric coating ensures that there is no leakage from the bag, saving you significant vehicle cleaning time. What makes this bag the best is its ability to transform into a round changing mat. You can stand on it for changing the wader suit while staying clean and dry. 

  Forget the annoying sogginess, thanks to the mesh vents that result in an optimum airflow. The bag comes with an extra zipper pocket which we used to keep our gloves, cell phone, and keys. Speaking of the price, it is similar to the Simms taco with almost equally amazing performance. 


Durable fabric material 
Easy transportation
Turns into a round changing 


Doesn’t include a separation mat

Considering the price and features it is safe to call this product one of the best wader bags for fly fishing. 

4. Fishpond Burrito Wader and Boot Travel Bag – Best Fly Fishing Wader Bag

My old wader bag had give up the ghost so to speak and it wasn't big enough to hold two pair of waders and all that stuff one throws into it when moving gear from one car to another in a hurry. The zipper was shot, too. So time to look for a new one. I almost opted for a Fishpond Cimarron, but took my usual time to think over the price and the issues I had with my old bag (not a Fishpond...but with similar zipper closure.)
The I figured, it's JUST a bag to hold my wet and muddy gear or just get it moved. I wanted something that was simple...and the price was right on this Burrito bag so I though I'd give it a shot.
The bag is BIG and will hold all of my gear easily. Boots/ waders (2 pr if you want) gear bag, lunch,'s big. It also has a large mat for putting on or removing boots/waders etc, although it's pretty thin, but once you have removed your waders and boots, you just fold the mat over them and roll it into the bag. You can put other gear in it and keep that separate from the muddy wet stuff. It all closed up with a draw string. Then you can easily secure and compress it with the support strap that is attached. It also has a shoulder strap for easy carrying as well as two side handles.
It's feels like it will take a beating. Time will tell how long it will last but I'm guessing I won't be needing to buy another one for a long time.

  Speaking of the capacity, it is slightly less spacious than the Simms Taco. Two wader suits and tow boot pairs snugly fit in the bag. 

  After placing the wet wader and dirty boots in the bag, we used the foldable mat that comes with the bag. This saved other items from getting wet. 

  Also, it is not waterproof and the water from our drenched wader suits seeped through the bag. Because of this, the bag had some kind of ventilation which prevented every item from bad odor and mildew. Hence is an ideal fly fishing wader bag. 


Can store boots
Easily washable 
Wear-proof fabric


Not truly ventilated 

If you are looking for the best wader bags that offer ample space for your suit, boots, and other important fishing gear, the Fishpond Burrito bag is an excellent choice.

5. Kylebooker Fly Fishing Storage Bag – Best Entry-Level Wader Bag


Exactly what I needed! My Kylebooker waders and boots fit perfectly, and I now have something to put them in when fishing on lunch breaks. The top is messed to let the boots and waders dry out. The bag is well made and should last for a long time. 

The manufacturers have designed a dependable, sturdy, and reasonable wader bag for all beginner anglers out there. If you are new to the adventure and don’t want to spend a hefty amount on it, the Kylebooker wader bag is for you. 

  When it comes to space, the bag easily accommodated one wader suit and a pair of boots. We also shed in a few snacks, a reel box, and a fishing line. The top of the bag is covered with mesh which ensures proper airflow and quick drying of the items inside. 

  Though there are no shoulder straps, the bag is still convenient to carry. The bottom half of the bag is quite tough and waterproof which prevents water from seeping through the fabric. It helps keep the vehicle clean. The zips were a bit par in terms of quality but quite sufficient for the price.


Great value for the money
Decent storage capacity
Waterproof base


Zips are not of the best quality 

The Kylebooker has a great choice for new anglers who wish to purchase an affordable yet highly functional bag. 

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6. ALPS Outdoorz Bag – Best Waterproof Wader Bag

I really liked the feature that gives you a platform to stand on when changing in and out of your waders. Surprised more wader bags on market don’t have this feature. Although simple it made a big difference from previous wader bag I had.

  The bag has plenty of space for a wader suit, a pair of boots, and various other items. It is designed to deliver high functionality for high quantities. In our experience, this bag has the best waterproofing abilities. We dumped a soaked and muddy wader in the bag and there was not even the slightest penetration. 

  Our team absolutely loved the pull-out mat design that stays out of the bag. It can be used when stepping in or out of the wader. Because of its camp appearance and storage capacity, it is also considered one of the best hunting wader bags.


Quick pull-out mat
Easy-to-clean mud-proof liner
Padded shoulder strap


No mesh for ventilation

Are you an angler who is also found chasing wild animals in the woods sometimes? This incredibly spacious wader bag is for you.

7. Banded Arc Welded Waterproof Wader Bag – Best Fishing And Hunting Wader Bag 

  Love how big and roomy this bag is and thequality of the material craftsmanship are both great! Would definitely purchase this again.

  Because of this ability, we transported our muddy wader and boots inside the bag without spreading the dirt in the vehicle or anywhere else. Being highly versatile, it allowed us to personalize it accordingly. Using a separation mat, our team members carried important fishing and hunting gear in the bag easily. 

  There was no transfer of mud or water on the dry items. Considering the space and durability, you can also carry an entire duck in it. Hence, it is safe to call this product the best waterfowl wader bag. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any mesh vents so you must empty it out as soon as possible to prevent an unpleasant smell and mold in the bag. 


Clean and dry transport
Comfortable shoulder drop 
Very sturdy 


No vents

If you wish to purchase a durable wader bag with lots of space that comes at the right price point, the Banded Arc bag would be perfect.

8. BW Sports Wader Bag – Best Ventilated Wader Bag 

  These boot and wader bags are the BEST I've found!! Size is awesome! Plenty of room for boots and waders, just like advertised!! Also has large pockets for thick socks, and or rubber booty socks for wet wading without waders. The bottom is terrific! Even sticking wet boots and/or waders straight from the water, won't leak through!! And tons of mesh for air flow, of drying out and prevent getting musty. And a durable mat to stand on or sit on.... get outta here!! Awesome!
Couldn't he happier!!
And a word or two about BW Sports! Years ago I bought a couple of two piece and four piece, dual rod carriers for my fly rods. All these years later, they are still perfect!! Have internal lined pouches for each rod section. Zippers are still perfect. Want also to mention the side pockets..... was mainly interested is just the rod carrier, but having these side pockets are PERFECT for carrying reels and spare spools!! So I don't have to carry an extra reel bag with reels and spare spools! The extra wing pads to protect between reels internally is also a big plus.
My apologies to BW sports for not watching out for more of your gear! Will certainly stay on my radar!! I have bags and carriers from Orvis, Sage etc. they are good too. But am paying for the name and reputation as well. Your price points beats them all, and the quality is still top knotch!!! Thanks for that!!

  We easily stored fly boxes, reels, fishing lines, and electronic gadgets such as smartphones, GPS, etc. in the exterior pockets. Speaking of ventilation, the mesh vents are PVC coated and offer supreme breathability and airflow. 

  As a result, our muddy suit and boots didn’t cause any smell in the bag. In fact, those were not excessively drenched by the time we took them out. Identical to the Simms taco, this bag also has saltwater-proof zippers. However, it is not as massive as other choices. 


Large roll-up changing mat
Multiple storage pockets
Doesn’t get damaged with saltwater


The main compartment could’ve been bigger

Efficient ventilation in wader bags is one of the most important factors. This bag from BW Sports has the best mesh vents for continuous airflow. 

9. SITKA Gear Wader Storage Bag – Best Hunting Wader Bag 

Sitka made this to be used in the field, works great
Boot pull is a nice touch  

Sometimes, anglers who are unaware of the ideal size end up getting the wrong one. With the SITKA wader bag, there won’t be any issue. It is known for its one size fits all property and is incredibly versatile. 

  Whether you are a fly fisher or waterfowl hunter, this bag can store all of your essentials including a wader suit and boots. Apart from the hefty price tag, our team absolutely went crazy over this bag. 

  Identical to most bags, this one also comes with a pull-out mat for easy changing into waders. One great fun feature of this bag is its multifunctional buckle that you can also use as a bottle opener. 


Extremely robust 
Suits every angler and hunter
Convenient to carry even when full


Very expensive

Considering the price and features, it is indeed one of the best wader bags for professionals that cannot settle for anything less. 

10. Orvis Wader Mud Room – Best Wader Bags For The Money

  This order was fulfilled very promptly. I immediately put the "Wader Mud Room" to use on a fishing trip. My wader boots and wader were easily stowed (I have rather large boots), with the entire package wrapping up reasonably compactly; I was actually surprised by how space saving the assembly was. I did have a little trouble figuring out how the flap closing straps are secured but caught on quickly. (I notice the only Youtube video I could find skipped showing this.) The flap was a great platform on which to stand. My waders and I stayed much drier and cleaner than usual.

  The highlight feature of this product is its mud room i.e., a pull-out mat that is bigger than its competitors. Because of it, we could change into and out of waders and boots without creating any mess. 

  The 100% recycled polyester fabric is covered with a TPU coating. It is responsible for preventing water and mud from penetrating through the fabric. Speaking of the airflow, there are no mesh vents in the bag hence, you must not leave the dirty wader and boots in it for a long time. 


Substantial floor area
Ideal for storing waders and botos
Water and mud proof


No exterior pockets
Lacks vents

All in all, the Orvis wader bag can be a superb choice for anglers who need a storage bag that lasts long. 

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Buying Guide

  While it is important to check the best wader bag reviews before purchasing, it is also important to understand the following key considerations.

1. Types Of Wader Bags


  A lot of people don’t know that wader bags are available in various types depending on the purpose of use. The three common types include: 

  1.1 Duffel Bags
These bags are made out of either natural or synthetic materials and offer exceptional waterproofing abilities. Duffel bags are quite sturdy as compared to other wader bags hence, are used to carry heavy fishing equipment. 

  You can easily store dry fishing gear in these bags. Speaking of your wader costume, the bag will keep it safe from surrounding dirt, thanks to its waterproofing feature. Since it doesn’t have ventilation properties, it cannot dry your wader while it’s inside the bag. 

  1.2 True Ventilated Bags
As the name suggested, these bags are ideal for storing drenched items. With proper and continuous ventilation, everything inside the bag will stay dry. You can easily store your wet wader in ventilated bags. 

  You might have to carry the non-waterproof items in your backpack to keep them safe from getting wet. Our top recommendation for a true ventilated bag is the BW Sports Wader Bag.

  1.3 Combination Bags
These are probably the best wader bags since they come with separate pockets for dry and wet items. The combination bags will allow you to store all the gear including electronic gadgets as well as wet wader costumes in a single bag. 

2. Water Proof

  Fly fishing is associated with wet items and equipment. Therefore, as an angler, you need a bag with waterproofing abilities to keep the wet items secured. A waterproof bag will not allow the smell to infiltrate out of the bag, keeping your surroundings fine. 

  Moreover, such wader bags are also ideal for rainy days when you want to keep all of your important stuff safe from water invasion. According to our field testing, the ALPS Outdoorz Bag is the most impressive and efficient waterproof wader bag.

3. Comfort

  Many anglers overlook the factor of comfort when it comes to buying the best wader bags. Remember, a wet item will always be double its original weight. Therefore, a bag that isn’t easy to carry can become a hassle for you during fishing sessions and cause back and shoulder strain.

  It is advised to look for a bag that comes with a carry strap since it offers optimum comfort. The Fishpond Burrito Wader and Boot Travel Bag offer superb comfort while carrying.

4. Quick Drying

  It is another key consideration to keep in mind while buying a wader bag. Since you will be stuffing your wet wader suit in the bag, the quick-drying material will help the bag to prevent bad odors. 

  That said, a bag with good ventilation and quick-drying materials will help you with mold-free storage of wader and other items. If you want a well-ventilated bag that dries the items inside in no time, check out the Kylebooker Fly Fishing Storage Bag.


1. Can I store wader boots in my wader bag?

  Storing them in a wader bag is not a great idea because they are loaded with dirt. It is best to use a wading boot bag for this purpose. However, if you don’t have one, use plastic garbage bags to cover the boots and secure the bag with a zip tie. Once completely packed, keep them in the wader bag if you want, or carry them separately. 

2. Do I need to wash my wader bag?

  Yes, to prevent mold build-up or bad odor and to keep the bag free of dirt and grime, make sure to wash gently after every use. 


  Every angler knows how important wader bags are but choosing the right one requires keen consideration. Go through a large variety and find your desired features to shortlist the best wader bags. 

  Our fly fishing experts love the Fishpond Green River Wader Bag for its brilliant waterproofing ability and superb durability. Moreover, it is among the most affordable wader bags that one can find. 

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