Best Women’s Wading Boots 2023 (Fly Fishing Boots For Women)

Now gone are the days when women had to stuff their feet in men’s wading boots in smaller sizes. Presently there are more than enough best women’s wading boots options available in the market to overwhelm you. So our women’s wading boots reviews will help you pick the best one for yourself.

Did you know? Women make up more than 30% of all fly fishers in the United States. While the male ratio is still whopping, we have seen a considerable increase in the female side in the last few decades. More and more women are now showing interest in fishing, wading, and similar water sports. This trend calls for more brands to start a separate line for women’s waders and wading boots.

We researched and reviewed 7 of the best wading boots for women after testing them in the waters from Montana to Colorado to Florida.

And we found Korkers Buckskin Mary as the overall best wading boots for women. These women’s wading boots are quite durable, extremely comfortable, quick-drying, and well-designed. Get a detailed review from testers of each wading boot below.

Best Wading Boots for Women: Quick Overview

Korkers Buckskin Mary Wading Boots – Best Value
Simms Women’s Freestone Felt Sole Wading Boots – For Felt Fans
Redington Women’s SIREN Wading Boots – Best Comfortable
Manfen Women’s Boots – Best in Budget
Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Shoe – Best Hiking                                                            Kylebooker Women's Breathable Quick-Dry Wading Shoes – Stud Compatible
Orvis Women’s Ultralight Wading Boot – Best Ultralight

Wading boots options for men were never comfortable for women. They were too bulky, too roomy, and provided little to no support to female arches. In our women’s wading boots review, we present top wading boots which are highly comfortable and the best fly fishing wading boots for women.

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Buying Guide – Best Wading Boots For Women

The market is slowly getting saturated with some of the best women’s wading boots. There are many features and qualities available, and one has to carefully research and review each product to make the most out of a purchase.

How will you pick the best women’s fly fishing shoes for you? This buying guide will help you decide:

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In our best women’s wading boots reviews you must have noticed that, with wading, you get three basic kinds of footwear:

1. Women Wading Boots
Wading boots are the most heavy-duty option. They provide ankle support, a feature missing in the latter two options. Their traction is unmatched, and the toe and heel protection is sturdy.

Best for: professional use, guides, frequent anglers, extraordinarily rough and slippery conditions, winter wading

2. Women Wading Shoes
Wet Wading shoes are a little easier going. They are considerably lighter in weight and are not as chunky as wading boots. Traction and protection elements are also satisfactory.

Best for: beginner to intermediate level anglers, not very challenging terrains

3. Women Wading Sandals
Wading sandals are the most minimalistic and lightweight of all. They trap little to no water in them but offer no ankle support and little protection against potential injuries.

Best for: summer wading, casual fishing trips, excursion water sports


Traction is of utmost importance among all features included in the best women’s wading boots. No one wants to land on their back in the middle of a fast-flowing stream. There are two types of soles in most women’s wading boots:

1. Felt wading boots are best at gripping sand and gravel. However, they are a potential risk to the spread of exotic species across water bodies. Also, they wear fast and offer no advantage in muddy or snowy landscapes.

2. Rubber wading boots pose no threat to the ecosystem. They are pretty impressive traction wise too, though not as good on the sand as felt. But being far better in snow and mud, they are overall a better option.

3. Studded wading boots use screw-in studs as a means of gripping slippery slopes. The sole of the boot should be thick enough to accept studs.

Minimal Weight

The best women’s wading boots should be as light as possible because heavy shoes cause backaches, and ladies don’t need any more of that! The Orvis Ultralight women’s wading boots are a very nice pick in this regard. Their ability to quickly drain water also cuts down excess weight.

Protection Against Injuries

The toes and heels are quite vulnerable to injuries since they can stub into hard rocks and sharp objects underwater. A good women’s wading boot must have hardened caps covering these areas to avoid such risks. Plenty of boots such as the Simms Women’s Freestone Felt Sole Wading Boots provide this feature.

7 Best Women’s Wading Boots – Reviews

Here are detailed best women’s fly fishing boots reviews to help you shop:

1. Korkers Buckskin Mary Wading Boots – Best Value

I wear an 8, ordered 8 for a trip with my husband. They fit well with my waders. I’m not sure why people think they are big in reviews but just remember to have good socks and waders on to try them on. They are stylish too. I like that I will get a lot of use out of them and being able to change the soles is awesome. My husband was jealous. Hehe. I felt good walking through the river in them. They get a little heavy and drain the water nicely but I think that’s to be expected standing in water after you get out.

Their most fancy feature is their dual sole option. Korkers women’s wading boots come with two switchable soles: rubber and the other is felt. You can customize your traction medium according to the area you want to wade in. There is plenty of sand and gravel on the riverbank? Put on the felt bottom. If you are not allowed to use women’s wading boots felt where you’re fishing? Change to the rubber one!

Other than that, their quality is also very fantastic. You can easily use these women’s wading boots for many years before they need a replacement. The abrasion-resistant and hydrophobic materials add to their shelf life. The lace rings are anti-corrosive to survive saltwater too. Ankle support and injury protection are also noteworthy. Also, the water drainage ports in the bottom help keep the boots lightweight even when underwater.

But the internal insulation is the only thing that has left me skeptical. I don’t believe you can use these women’s wading boots in subzero temperatures. You either wear these with thick socks and waders or reserve them for summer wading where you don’t need to warm up.

2. Simms Women’s Freestone Felt Sole Wading Boots – For Felt Fans

It is a very nice pair of wadding boots. It is light, solid and comfortable. The felt outsole is really thick. My wife has worn the boots for a few times. She likes it very much.

The Simms women’s wading boots with felt bottoms are the best for gripping slick surfaces. They perform exceptionally well over wet rocks and pebbles. Plus, they are very comfortable. The padding on the inside prevents tired feet even after a long day of wading. It also makes these boots my go-to for use in winter.

The rubber material is quality-tested. Resistance to abrasion makes them reusable for many seasons. Also, you can be sure of solid protection of your feet from any potential harmful hazards, and good women’s saltwater wading boots.

They lack hooks for gravel guards, though, a tiny little detail that needs improvement.

3. Redington Women’s SIREN Wading Boots – Best Comfortable

I really wanted to keep these boots. The quality seemed very good for the price. I bought the size I usually wear and there is plenty of room for the neoprene foot. So buy your usual size. They are much more comfortable than a boot foot wader boot. I bought stocking foot waders for the first time (I usually get boot foot) and I ordered these boots to go with them. LOVE them! My problem was the waders themselves didn't fit well and I had to return them. I couldn't find proper fitting waders for my apple shape that didn't have huge neoprene booties, so I went back to the boot foot. Therefore I can't use these boots, which really bums me out, but don't hesitate to buy these.

Redington women’s wading boots are very lightweight and hence, comfortable. The felt soles offer a trustworthy grip on slippery shores. These boots are great for fishing from a raft too! The synthetic materials making these boots up are durable and water-repelling. The drying time is also short.

And above all, they look so chic! You can wade in them while not looking like a duck waddling around with its broad feet. The stylish silhouette compliments a lady angler and her classy fashion choices.

My verdict is that these women’s wading boots are very functional and aesthetic. They could have been a bit higher in my list if it wasn’t for their tiny drain holes. The holes are a wee bit too small to let water out quickly, but they work eventually.

4. Manfen Women’s Boots – Best in Budget

First of all, I gasped at how gorgeous a hiking boot could be when I opened the box. They are amazingly soft from top to bottom. I do suggest a half size up if you wear thicker socks...the size 8 would have been too small for me. This was such a pleasant purchase and I look forward to hiking tmrw on New Years Eve. Thank you for crafting such an amazing boot! DON'T THINK TWICE...BUY NOW. I'll update after hiking and add a photo. Cheers! <3

The mesh upper of these boots is waterproof, while the bottom is high-quality rubber, apt for the slipperiest slopes. The arch support is fantastic, and the toe and heels protection is top-notch. And because their initial purpose is hiking in snow, they make up for the best women’s wading boots for winters.

The main attraction, however, is their affordable price tag. The Manfen boots have managed to cut down on the price considerably without reducing the quality.

The only downside may be their stiffness. So much emphasis on support and durability has made these boots a bit rigid, and wearing them for very long durations may not be a good idea.

5. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Shoe – Best Women’s Wading Shoes for Hiking

Just got back from a New Years Day three-mile hike wearing these, and not a twitch of discomfort. I bought these shoes a while back, and from the git-go, they were super comfortable, no "breaking in." I am 80 years old and hike at least two to three times a week, and have been really impressed on my local walks. Today's hike was a little more than I usually do, so these shoes past any tests for me with flying colors. Will buy again ... but am sure these will last a very long time. Love 'em!

These wading shoes lack the weight and bulk of a boot while still giving pretty much all the benefits it provides. They check all marks for the best women’s fly fishing wading boots by providing traction, protection, comfort, lightweight, and quick-drying time.

The leather upper is stylish and very efficient at its job. It prevents water from entering the wading shoe and lets out any moisture trapped inside it. Another great feature is an air cushion under the heel that keeps the feet fresh and relaxed all day. But my favorite thing about them is the fact that they are sustainable and use recycled materials. So you can explore the wilderness in them without the guilt of damaging the ecosystem.

Although these women’s wading shoes fit me perfectly, I suspect that they’d take a bit getting used to for people with low arches. The only reason why they are placed on number 5 in our women’s wading shoe reviews.

6. Women’s Breathable Quick-Dry Wading Shoes – Stud Compatible

This next entry in our best women’s wading shoes reviews is by Kylebooker. These wading boots give you the luxury of choosing between a rubber and a felt sole when you buy them. This way, you can pick the level of traction you need according to your preferences.

The mesh upper of these wading boots enables them to dry very quickly. Moreover, drain ports in the midsole area remove accumulated water as soon as you step your foot out of the river. The hardened caps for toes and heels protection are pretty impressive.

Also, the ankle support is spot-on due to the padding in the ankle cuff. The soles are thick enough to be compatible with studs. Overall, a great find in my search for the best women’s wader boots.

The sizing may look a little misleading. The manufacturers have sized these boots in addition to neoprene stockingfoot waders. So if you plan on wearing them without a wader, you’ll have to go down a couple of sizes.

7. Orvis Women’s Ultralight Wading Boot – Best Lightweight

I haven't had a chance to wear these out in the field yet but they seem great. The boots are a little bulky if you're not use to this type of shoe. They are very lightweight though. I ordered a size up from my normal shoe size to ensure a good fit with my waders.
Update: wore them out wading in a creek to sample fish and invertebrates. These shoes are excellent. I would highly recommend.

Apart from the lightweight, they are very sturdy as well. A single pair is enough to last you much of your wading career. There is a rubber coating on top of it to make it anti-abrasion and water-repellant. Both of these properties will prove very helpful when you are in the water fighting against fast current.

Next, the Vibram soles prevent any slips and injuries during your adventures. The rubber of Orvis women’s wading boots gives superior traction, and the grooves grip slippery surfaces well. The Clarino fiber body is quick to dry and shaves off the weight further and is superior to Patagonia womens wading boots.

The downside: well, it was hard to find any, but one may object to how they are a little chubby and make your feet look like that of a toddler’s. Something I can easily live with!

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Q. What is the difference between women’s wading boots and that of men?

The main difference is in shape. Women’s feet are narrower at the heels and generally more petite than men’s. Wading boots for women have a profile and size, keeping this fact in mind.

Q. What is the best wading boot for women?

The Korkers Buckskin Mary are the best fly fishing wading boots for women. With their minimal weight and sturdy construction, they are a very feasible choice.

Q. Which brands offer women’s wading boots?

Several brands and manufacturers are coming up with separate wading boots lines for women. To name a few: Simms, Korkers, Orvis, Merrell, Redington, etc


With women coming forward and championing every field of sports, it’s high time they overtake wading too. With the best women’s wading boots, it is even easier to do so.

Among these seven best women’s wader boot reviews, I found the Korkers Women’s Felt & Kling-on Soles Wading Boots most up to the mark. The lack of any unnecessary weight without compromising on quality is my reason for their ranking. They are comfortable, travel-friendly, durable, and efficient. Their grip over slick rocks is phenomenal. Plus, the abrasion resistance is a big plus.

A good women’s wading boot not only provides all the above-mentioned qualities but is also the reason for making a fly fishing trip more enjoyable and worthwhile. These best women’s wader boots reviews will help you in cherry-picking the one for you.

So all the angler ladies, ready to conquer another sport?

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