TOP 10 Best Wading Boots 2023 (Wader Boots Reviews)

What is the best companion for an angler? Best wading boots make the fishing experience comfortable and hassle-free. The top wading boots assist you on slippery and rough surfaces. In the river, it’s crucial to have wading boots that are lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

So, what are the best wading boots on the market? You must be thinking. With so many options it is not easy to pick the right option. To answer this question accurately we tested and reviewed the best fly fishing wading boots of several brands, some performed exceptionally well, while others, not so much.

In my opinion, Korkers Devil’s Canyon Wading Boots are the best wading boots for fly fishing. For excellent traction and durability, Korkers wading boots provide interchangeable felt and soles for a flexible fishing experience.

Foxelli Lightweight Wading Boots are the best budget option for us. As the name suggests extremely ultralight and recommended for all-day wading. And finally, the most comfortable and durable boots you can combine with waders are Simms Men’s Freestone Wading Boots.

If you are a woman, check out our guide on the best women’s wading boots.

The best wading boots provide comfort, stability, and traction in the water. In this wader boots review, after rigorous research, we have listed the best wading boots you can use for fly fishing. And we have tried to include Also, we have added a variety of options from budget to high-end wading boots, and from best rubber to the best felt wading boots.

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Buying Wading Boots – Quick Guide

If you are an entry-level angler or you fish occasionally, it’s advisable to pick mid-range or budget wading boots. You won’t be needing them a lot and they can last pretty long. However, if you are an experienced angler you should go for good quality best fly fishing boots such as Korkers Devil’s Canyon or Simms Freestone. This might cost you a little more but definitely, value for money as these wading boots are quite durable and long-lasting, and you won’t regret your decision later on.

Always double-check sizing charts before buying. It is usually recommended to buy 1 size up from your regular (street) shoe size. This is how famous and best wading boots brands such as Simms, Korkers, Redington, and Frogg Toggs design their wading boots. You can add neoprene socks as well with fly fishing boots, which will take some extra space in your wading boots.

If you are a woman, check out our guide on the best wading boots for women.

Disclosure: Waders Fishing is a reader-supported website and takes part in the Amazon Associates Program. We may earn a small commission if you shop through links on this page. At we test products and recommend them based on unbiased research.

Before buying new wading boots pair make sure the boots have the following key features: Wading boots are durable, lightweight, comfortable in the water, quick-drying, and ample safety for slick and sharp rocks. Considering all these features we conducted hours of research. As a result we have found the following wading boots to be best among the tonnes of options available in the market.

10 Best Wading Boots – Quick Overview
1.Simms Men’s Freestone Wading Boots – Best Comfortable Wading Boots
2.Foxelli Wading Boots – Light as a Feather
3.Korkers Devil’s Canyon Wading Boots – Best Wading Boots For Traction
4.Orvis Women’s Ultralight Wading Boots – Top Wading Boots For Women
5.Kylebooker Men’s Fishing Wader Boots – Best Wading Boots Under a Budget
6.Simms Tributary Felt Sole Wading Boots – Best Wading Boots With Felt Soles
7.Orvis Men’s Ultralight Wading Boots – Best Travel Wading Boots
8.Frogg Toggs Men’s Hellbender Fishing Boots – Best Rated Felt Sole Wading Boots
9.Lurewilder Men’s Felt Sole Fly Fishing Boots – Felt Sole On A Budget
10.FROGG TOGGS Men’s Saltshaker Wading Boots – Best For Saltwater

Here is the review of each wading boot. Follow along!

TOP 10 Best Wading Boots – Reviews

1. Simms Men’s Freestone Wading Boots – Best Boots For Waders

I've been fishing my whole life & been an addicted fly-fisherman for almost 30 years. This year I've already spent over 90 days on the water! I abuse my gear, which is always in my car and have learned, that no one makes their gear to last like Simms does. I literally wore out the Vibram sole on my last pair of Simms wading boots after 2 seasons & just bought these & have already tested them out. A+. My waders, my wading boots, my vest & my wading staff are all Simms. There is no substitute, I'm thinking they should send me gear to test at this point, because I spend as much time on the water as only some guides do...

Another feature that I love about them is that they are exceptionally comfortable. The sole is cushioned and uses neoprene lining, keeping the feet warm even in the coldest streams. The ankle and toe support is excellent. You can walk around all day in them without worrying about sore feet.

Plus, they don’t add tons of weight to your feet, even after being drenched in water. The drainage system is superb and allows easy flow of water through them.

And then there is the warranty that Simms offers. Even though I haven’t claimed it, the boots came with a promise that in case of any damage or wear, Simms takes full responsibility for repairing or replacing the gear as best as they can. The generous offer only made me even more confident about my purchase.

So overall, these are men’s wading boots. And pretty heavy-duty when it comes to wading, But if you are a beginner to fly fishing, you might find them too large and chunky for comfort.

2. Foxelli Wading Boots – Light as a Feather

Though I just received these boots, I am very happy with my purchase. I looked at (and tried on) several other brands (Simms, Reddington, Orvis) and these boots represent both value and comfortable design over the other brands. While it remains to be seen how durable they are in the long run I like the idea of purchasing from a smaller / family owned business...they seem to be proud of what they sell. I wear a size 10 shoe and the size 11 boots seems perfect for me, with enough room for heavy socks for colder weather. Looking forward to my first fishing trip in a couple of weeks!!

Foxelli wading boots are also great if you are looking for reasonably durable and stingray-proof wading boots. The rubber soles are very stable on rocky areas and provide a perfect grip. Foxelli boots are reliable and most lightweight wading boots.

What’s most pleasant about this pair of boots is that they drain fast after you take them out of the water. They have tiny holes especially made for this purpose which makes them light as feather. Additionally, the upper is made up of nylon that prevents mud or sand from entering them.

Also, the lace hook and kick log is feasible attention to detail. You can put these boots on and take them off while holding your other fishing gear. Their minimalist design is fit for hunting too if you are not in the mood for fishing.

Lastly, Foxelli Wading Boots are pretty reasonably priced and provide a great value for money. If you find Orvis Ultralight wading boots expensive these lightweight wading boots by Foxelli should be your go-to option.

3. Korkers Devil’s Canyon Wading Boots – Interchangeable Felt and Rubber Soles

Yes I can see some people complain about the size, but in wading boots world you just have to go a size up because you have to calculate the thickness of your waders which are mostly neoprene 3-5mm thickness. So first you foot needs to fit in with all the neoprene around. With that being said, get a size up. I have a US10 for my regular shoes and I get the US11 for Korkers. Fits great and comfort level is also great.

WEIGHT - Very lightweight, not sure if there is anything better out there.

Interchangeable Sole System - It just works great for all kinds of conditions. Down side is that you do get sand in between the boots and soles every now and then but its really not a big deal. It is very easy to clean and you have to do every few months.

The Lacing System - I never want to buy anything else. I never had issues with it so far. This is just so easy and functional to enable your comfort level to be the best. Also when taking all your gear off it just goes way quicker than the regular laces. One click and that thick is loose, pull the boot and its off. Done in 5 seconds, literally.

Quality - When talking about he quality of the boot itself I cannot say these will last forever, they are pretty thin and get pretty beaten up. I had mine for maybe 3 or 4 years now and they are coming to an end. But even if they look rough they still fully function. Nothing broke yet where I cannot use the boot.

- Are they worth the almost 200$ or whatever I paid back then? Absolutely.

- Would I buy them again? YES!

- Are they warm boots? Not really. But they are thin and you can put layer of socks if necessary, which I usually do if I fish the winter.

Overall I am very critical when it comes to any product. So far these were my best wading boots. I really like the auto lacing system it makes a big difference to me and they are very comfortable. Some might like the thin boots other the thicker ones. Korkers has some good options to fit your foot well depending on the model you get.

4. Orvis Women’s Ultralight Wading Boots – Top Wading Boots For Women

I’ve seen my Ma struggle with finding the right size of women ‘s wading boots for our family fishing trips in my childhood. She always ended up buying men’s boots in smaller sizes. They were never as comfortable as I would have wanted them to be. However, it delights me to see how companies have now started a separate line for women.

A few years ago, I got Ma these lightweight and comfortable fly fishing boots by Orvis. Because they are made to adapt to female feet, their sizing is a lot better. She was gleaming with happiness when they fit her tiny feet well, which men’s shoes never did.

She’s not that much of an adrenaline junkie anymore. So these Orvis Wading Boots haven’t been put to a real quality test. But from the look of them, I think they’ll last a couple of seasons, even though they’re pretty ultralight and petite looking. Moreover, the padding on the sole avoids any unnecessary stress on the feet.

Also, these Orvis women’s wading boots are swift to drain the water to avoid adding weight to the feet. The materials used in their making are light as well as strong. You get ripstop inserts in them that add to the strength without increasing the weight. And with the scratch-resistant spray on top of it, these shoes are ready to face any rough surfaces and weather conditions.

But when it comes to traction, the rubber soles alone do not suffice. You may need to buy and install studs in them for maximum grip on slick rocks.

5. Kylebooker Men’s Fishing Wading Boots – Best Wading Boots For Beginners

If you want to go fishing but don’t have much cash to invest in high-priced wader boots, why don’t you try these Kylebooker Best Fly Fishing Wading Boots for Men? Kylebooker wading boots are very economical and one of the best budget wading boots. Excellent cheap boots for fishing as well as hunting. As they have decent strength in their design, provide good support over slippery rocks, and have drain holes to avoid water staying in them. What more can one ask for at a subtly low price?

Their best feature is the toe and ankle support they provide. Cheap wading boots usually don’t have this good reinforcement in the toe area. But these do! Also, the heels have added cushioning to absorb any sudden jerks to the feet.

The rubber soles perform well on muddy and slippery rocks. Though not as great on algae-covered rocks, they become a lot better if you just invest in a few studs to the bottom. Still cheaper than their market rivals.

The ankle collar is wide enough to adjust your waders. The cushioning provides ample support to the ankle and protects against potential injuries from hard rocks or sharp objects in the water.

Plus, they don’t weigh a ton and are satisfactory when it comes to user experience. So I think Kylebooker are the best fly fishing boots and an excellent choice for beginners who are just trying their luck at angling or those who plan to do it only a few times.

6. Simms Tributary Felt Sole Wading Boots – Best Wading Boots With Felt Soles

After six outings fishing the evening hatch the Simms boots show no sign of wear, just mud and weed seeds on the boots in the photo. Note the second photo of boots from another source with only one use after about an hour and a half the soles are separating from the boots. I got my money back on those then got those Simms and they are great. These are my first Simms and the sixth pair of wading boots. The way they are holding up with my age they could be my last pair of wading boots. Time will tell.
They are way better than any of the others and they are the cheapest Simm! I was going to get the next higher grade of Simms but they weren't available at the time with felt bottoms

A strong rubber toe cap is convenient when you walk in knee-deep water and can’t see what you are stepping on. Imagine bumping into a sharp log underwater without any toe protection. Ouch!

But my favorite feature, however, has to be their reliability in slippery conditions. The felt outsole is very thick. Plus, when you screw in a few extra studs, you can just kiss all skids goodbye. With their spectacular traction, you can brave even the most uneven terrains. The felt sole makes them best wading boots for slippery rocks.

However, I won’t recommend these to my hiker brothers. These boots are a little heavy. Their weight may not be ideal for taking with you on a climb.

7. Orvis Men’s Ultralight Wading Boots – Best Travel Wading Boots

These Ultralight boots by Orvis are an excellent alternative for anyone who finds Simms fly fishing boots bulkier or pro boa wading boots by Orvis too expensive. As evident by the name, the manufacturers considered making them as lightweight as possible for a better fishing experience. Think of the backache you get from walking upstream all day and having heavy boots to worsen it more!

Instead of the traditional leather, these shoes use a Clarino microfiber to take off a lot of weight without compromising quality. This material is also rapid to dry. This feature is vital for avoiding the extra weight of water in the wader boots.

The upper portion is sprayed with a scratch-resistant coating for protection against abrasion. These can withstand wear from sharp twigs, uneven stones, and unseen debris. Additionally, the midsole is made up of Ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is exceptionally comfortable and shock absorbing.

The rubber soles are slip-resistant. They are designed keeping in mind the need to add any extra studs. You can add them strategically to suit the circumstances you need to use them in.

The laces are a little small for some unknown reason. I think Orvis wading boots need to work on their laces length to produce the perfect all-rounder design. Other than that, these should be your go-to if you plan on taking your wading boots on a plane trip or when you need to pack light. Their weight and size are ideal for traveling.

8. Frogg Toggs Men’s Hellbender Fishing Boots – Best Entry Level Wading Boots

I like these wader boots for what they are. Of course I could have spent 4 or 5 times as much to get a "higher quality" boot, but I was on a spring fishing trip in the midwest that required me to hike multiple miles through brush, creeks, rivers, ice and snow for trout. I bought these because they were inexpensive and I didn't want to trash something more expensive in one weekend. Well these boots performed perfectly, they struggled a bit in mud on an incline because they are felt bottom so they can get slippery. However, I was just careful and i got where I needed to, I considered adding studs to the felt, but I haven't gotten around to it and they have worked fine anyway. I never bought another more expensive pair of boots and have used these multiple times now and they work great. I highly recommend these.

The lacing system is as efficient and easy as an angler would want. An ergonomic mechanism with a lace clip keeps your shoes locked in place all day. Additionally, the ankle collar is wide enough to house your perfect waders. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they drain once you take them out of the water.

To conclude, these are great for someone who wants to go wading and doesn’t want to spend a lot as these are the best entry-level wading boots.

9. Lurewilder Men’s Felt Sole Fly Fishing Boots – Felt Sole On A Budget

I bought these boots last year right before PA trout fishing season, wore them atleast 50 times throughout the year and from being completely under water and then sun dried out a good 50 times they have held up really well. No dry cracking at all and felt sol is still in good shape ready again for this seasons trout fishing. My father was so impressed how they held up that he had me order him a pair as well. Highly recommend these fishing wader boots cannot beat the quality for the price.

After multiple trips in these, the hardware is still standing soles are intact. And these shoes have been a pleasant experience. The felt sole feature is great traction-wise. You can take them to the slipperiest of slopes without second thoughts. Also, the cushioning on the wading boots felt is so damn comfy. (I tried them on for a while to confirm!)

The manufacturers claim that these are the best wading boots for felt under a budget and have been tested to give you 500+ hours in the water without damaging their structure. While we are far from that many hours yet, they are still in good shape after 3 or 4 trips. So fingers crossed!

Also, they soak up very little water because of the high-density sponge used in the interiors. . But because of the same sponge and foam padding in the tongue and ankle support area, they take some time to dry what little water they absorb. So this can be a two-way sword.

10. FROGG TOGGS Men’s Saltshaker Fly Fishing Wading Boots – Best For Saltwater

Really good boot ,unfortunately it is super huge inside ,I'm a 12 US and I run wide in some products. These are very very Very big ,I guess I'll put inserts in them cause the look and feel ,besides being huge ,are not bad, but dam socks they are so big

I used these wader boots for saltwater fishing last summer along with my Korkers Darkhorse fly fishing boots, and I was quite happy with the performance. The quality of the material is satisfactory. It has plastic lace hooks and can fight off corrosion for a long. The shoe weighs relatively little and is hence comfortable to wear. The midsole is also lightly padded to avoid sore feet after a long day of walking.

The ankle collar provides support as well as protection. And internally, it is all neoprene, which gives insulation, and cushioning, and helps your foot slide through it for putting on or taking off these insulated wading boots.

But I’ve heard users complaining about the sole coming off after a few uses. It did not happen to me, but it must be such a bummer because other than that, the shoe is perfect. Frogg Togg’s Saltshaker shoes are pretty broad check sizing carefully before ordering.

You must have noticed by now how much I hate clammy feet! What I liked the most about them is that they dry very quickly. So if a boot can keep my toes dry, they’ll have my approval straightaway.

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Best Fly Fishing Boots – Buying Guide:

When treading in quick waters and skipping slippery rocks, wading boots are an alternative to solid ground. The sole is specially designed to provide grip while walking. The toe and heel caps, on the other hand, protect from unseen debris you might stumble upon.

Among my most helpful gear for fly fishing, The Wadersfishing provides the best top-of-the-list products. In this wading boots review, we’ve brought the best fly fishing boots for wading.

But how do you know which are the best boots for wading and which are not? An angler must invest his time and money in finding the best option whether felt or rubber. Below I am listing some essential features from my experience that make up a good wading shoe.

Dig Out Your Sole (pun intended)

The sole of a wading boot is where all the traction lies.

Essentially, there are two kinds of soles available;


Although slowly getting outdated, the felt soles are still superior to rubber sole wading boots when you try them on a moss-covered rock. They offer better friction and hence more stability. However, the felt wears off pretty fast and needs replacement every once in a while. Also, many states and countries have banned made felt sole wading boots use illegal because they assist the spread of certain invasive species. These microbes get trapped in the felt sole of wading boots and transfer to another water body via the shoes that are not dried completely.

Meanwhile, the rubber soles don’t have any such risk of spread associated. Also, they are more long-lasting. And performance-wise, they are still pretty good, if not equivalent. Patagonia has some best rubber wading boots options on the market.

So here are my two cents on the choice of sole; try to steer clear of the felt wading boot soles. Even if you need better traction, you can always add as many studs to your wading boots’ rubber sole as you like. This brings us to our following header;

Studs Friendly

You might need to add a few metallic studs to the bottom of your shoes in case you need more traction. Whether felt or rubber wading boots, always look for a sole that is made to accept screw-in studs when you require it.

Also, the studs should be easy to put in and take off. You’ll need to unscrew them when you don’t need them because first, they’re not easy to walk with. Second, studded wading boots are a nightmare if you are on a boat. They can get stuck in and destroy the wooden deck. So be wise, and study before you buy!

Watch Your Weight

Next, while choosing a wader boot for you, look out for its weight. A heavy wader boot added with the weight of the water does no good to anyone. Instead of helping you in walking with ease, they will weigh you down and break your back. Plus, you cannot put them in your backpack if you are not using them.

Dealing with any extra weight while tugging at your fishline is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is especially true if you are an amateur.

Fast Draining

When it comes to boots for wading, always remember this formula:

Fast draining = lightweight = comfortable boots

Many brands like Foxelli offer tiny holes in the bottom for faster drainage and help boots for wading in water. These, combined with high-quality padding material, make up for boots that take only a couple of hours in the sun to dry completely.

Also, faster drying wading boots tend to prevent any build-up of mold in them.

Safety Considerations

The toe caps and ankle support are essential for keeping your feet safe from getting injured by any sharp objects underwater. Good quality rubber caps and reinforcements in the ankle and heel area protects these injury-prone areas. And learn some techniques for safe wading.

Tips and Tricks for Prolonging Wading Boots Life

Here are some crucial points on taking care of your wading boots for increasing their life:

Always rinse your boots with clean fresh water after you’re done using them. This prevents any rust or corrosion from the salt in the water.
Use an old toothbrush or any other small brush to clean dirt from your shoes efficiently.
Do not use soap or detergent to wash them.
Instead, use a specialized boot cleaner or mild dishwashing soap with lukewarm water.
Remove the laces before cleanup for reaching all nooks and corners.
Do not keep the shoes near a heat source such as a heater, radiator, hairdryer, etc., for drying. The heat can melt or damage the glue and other material in them.
Always air dry. Do not place them in bright sunlight for more than two hours.
Do not stack them to avoid damage to their shape.

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Best Wading Boots – FAQs

Here are answers to some most commonly asked questions by anglers regarding wading boots.

Q. How many studs should I put in my wading boots?

It depends on the kind of surface you are fishing on. For the slipperiest rocks, you may use up to 10 studs, while with other more stable ones, you can get away with using fewer.

Q. Are wading boots studs removable?

Yes! You can easily unscrew the metallic studs from the bottom of your studded wading boots to avoid any damage to your boat.

Q. Do wading boots keep your feet dry?

This is a common misconception. Wading boots, on the contrary, are built to allow water in and out of them when submerged. If you want to keep your feet dry, try wearing wader socks or stockings.

Q. Do I need to buy a size bigger for wading shoes?

For wide feet, you should consider wading boots for wide feet by Simms, Otherwise, going a size up may be a good idea while buying wading boots if you plan on wearing wader socks. These socks have a neoprene lining and take up the extra space in your shoes.Or check out our guide on sizing wading boots.


A solid and sturdy wading boot is an angler’s best friend. It gives stability, protection, and comfort when you spend a long day in the sun trying your luck at fly fishing. They are the most critical gear you could have in your backpack. Take it from someone who has fished all his life.

So it’s time for the big reveal now. Among these 10 best fly fishing shoes I have reviewed above, which one is my personal favorite?

They are efficient and comfortable, and man, do they last! The interchangeable rubber and felt sole is unmatched when it comes to providing traction. Without a doubt, they are the best wading boots for fly fishing and a solid pair for hiking and hunting as well. And our budget pick is Foxelli Wading Boots.

So buy yourself a pair and fulfill your dream of fly fishing at a mighty river bank. Adios!

Also, do check our guides on Best Fly Reels and types of fishing reels to learn more about fly fishing.

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