Top 10 Best Wading Boots 2023


Fly fishing and dry feet are not a common combination. Most wading boots let the water flow in and out of them rather than attempt to keep it out. But if you are from the we-hate-clammy-feet club like me, these best waterproof wading boots are worth a shot.

After reviewing tons of products, we declare Columbia Waterproof Wading Boots and Kylebooker WB001 Wading Boots as the best waterproof wading boots.

Fly fishing in Montana
These waterproof boots for fishing are your best bet against pruney feet and the additional weight of water on your feet. Their hydrophobic materials and close fit at the ankles let you splash in rivers, streams, and lakes without a worry.

Disclaimer: This list of best waterproof wading boots combines different-purpose boots that you can use while wading and are essentially good at keeping your feet dry.

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Best Waterproof Wading Boots: Top Picks

First, our top picks for best waterproof fly fishing wading boots:

1.Columbia Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoe – Overall Best Waterproof Wading boots

2.Kylebooker WB001 Wading Boots – Best Deck Boots for Wading

3.EVER BOOTS “Ultra Dry” Men’s Waterproof Boots – Best Value Waterproof Boots

10 Best Waterproof Wading Boots: Reviews

Let’s roll onto the detailed reviews for each waterproof wading boot.

1. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Suede Waterproof Wading Shoe – Editor’s Choice

I was looking for some comfortable, lightweight hiking boots for relatively short day hikes or weekend camping or fishing trips. I wanted something with an aggressive tread pattern, waterproof uppers and that was also lightweight and comfortable.

I considered several other brands and then found these. The reviews were very positive, so I ordered some in a 13 wide. I'd had good experience with Columbia jackets, but never their footwear. I was also a bit curious of what kind of quality I could expect for less than $100.

It turns out these are exactly what I hoped for. They are lightweight and comfortable pretty much right out of the box and should break in a bit more with time and use. I love the red laces with the light brown color and they can be tightened up nicely around the ankles for additional support, if necessary. The tread pattern will provide plenty of grip in almost all conditions. I haven't had a chance to put their waterproofness to the test yet, but will update this review if they fall anything short of expectations.

Next, the vividly colored laces add to the persona of the boots and are pretty ergonomic. The hardware is rustproof to withstand mud, rain, and other watery conditions. I have worn these best waterproof wading boots for fly fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities. They have been helpful in all weathers and conditions.

These waterproof wading boots are an excellent match for anyone with slim feet. However, there is one glitch. The shoes run very narrow and can be a nightmare for chubby feet.

2. Kylebooker WB001 Wading Boots – Best Waterproof Rubber Wading Boots

Just received my Kylebooker wadding boots today and they look and feel great! I’m an avid Fly Fisherman and these are my 3rd pair of wadding boots and they are the best yet! Quality and very good price. Looking forward to testing them out on the River.
They are lightweight and well made with durable breathable material. This will come in handy for fast drying when I’m fishing every day on my weekly outings.
Always very satisfied with Kylebooker products and always the best price.

Then, the rubber body is internally lined with neoprene and EVA in the inner sole to give you the snuggliest fit. Your feet will remain warm and toasty with all this cushioning. The waterproof rubber outer shell avoids any moisture from entering the boots.

Putting these waterproof wading boots on is also made accessible because of the user-friendly pull-straps on both sides. My favorite feature, however, is their machine washability. There is no need to soak and rinse your boots for hours when you can just toss them in the machine and clean them in a breeze.

The only trouble I had while shopping for them was that they are not available in half sizes. Something essential for ensuring a more accurate fit.

3. Hisea Men’s Mid Rain Boots – Best Waterproof Wading Boots Toe and Heel Protection

Boot is awesome. I wear these when feeding our horses and chickens. No problems what so ever. My only complaint is I wear a 9 1/2, so i had to get a size 10. So a bit loose, just need thicker socks.

The 5mm thick inner lining gives these booties the ability to absorb any shock while wading through rocks. Moreover, this lining is also water-resistant and conserves heat. I have waded through frozen lakes in Alaska, where my feet were thankful to these waterproof wading shoes for their excellent insulation. They are an ideal addition to your gear for fishing in subzero temperatures.

However, the thickness of the lining brought some doubts regarding the breathability of these knee-high wading boots. But I was relieved once I fished for a whole day. My feet were not stinking as opposed to my expectations. Instead, the breathable foam had kept them fresh and dry by flowing air through them.

One of my favorite waterproof fishing boots for men! These best waterproof wading boots are, without a doubt, very durable, comfortable, and functional. The rubber outsoles are anti-slip and designed for performance in all kinds of terrain. Also, the toes and heels areas have additional layers of rubber around them.

But there is this issue with their sizing. These waterproof fly fishing boots are pretty broad, and if you have slim feet, you might have to reconsider their sizing.

4. Xtratuf mens 6 Inch Waterproof Ankle Deck Boots – Lightweight Waterproof Fishing Boots

Love the shoes, totally waterproof as advertised. Keep in mind that they don’t have a tread on the bottom so only good for wearing when there is a light coating of snow in the ground. Also no insulation so make sure you have thick socks or boot linings. Great in warmer wet conditions.

The construction of these boots is 100% waterproof. You won’t have to deal with white, wrinkly feet after wearing them for the whole day. And as a bonus, they are breathable as well. The interior of these deck boots has a mesh fabric that lets air flow through them, so you can wear these mens waterproof wading boots throughout the day easily.

The front and back of the ankle cuff have pull loops that help you wear and remove these boots. These loops are large enough to grasp and pull easily.

When I first ordered my pair of these boots, the thing that instantly caught my attention was that they are the most best lightweight wading shoes for men. But I would still rank them lower than the Huk Men’s rogue wave shoe because of their durability issues. After a few months of use, my pair started to fall apart in a few places. The seam on the heels ripped off, separating it from the insole.

5. EVER BOOTS “Ultra Dry” Men’s Premium Leather Waterproof Boots – Best Value

I've been buying boots for over 50 years now. I've used them for everything from backpacking to wildland firefighting. They have included brands from Vasque to Redwings. This is the first time I have purchased a pair of Ever boots and I was not comfortable buying them sight unseen. I was surprised at the quality, comfort, and look of the boot. I have worn them a total of 10 hours over 2 days on concrete. No aches and pains to my knees which is saying something. They were the right size (I ordered 1/2 size larger then normal) though I wish they had medium widths, but because they are leather, they should stretch as I continue to wear them. Overall, a quality boot at a very competitive price.

The outsole of these best waterproof wading boots is grippy in wet areas. The tread pattern holds on to slippery surfaces well. The sole also features a steel shank that absorbs all pressure when you are climbing rocks. And since their primary function is that of a work boot, they are pretty rough and tough. These best wading boots for hiking can be taken on any kind of harsh environment without budging even a bit.

Sizing has been a bit of a dispute with them. The manufacturers mention that these boots run a little larger than your usual size. But I’ve heard complaints from people who found these boots smaller than what they had ordered. So do your research well before ordering.

6. Asgard Women’s Ankle Rain Boots Waterproof Chelsea Boots – For Light Wading

I purchased these boots prior to a trip to England since the weather during the time of my visit was predicted to be very rainy. At first I thought they were too large and ordered the smaller size as well, but ultimately decided that my normal size was the most appropriate size and returned the smaller ones. Despite having also taken other shoes with me on this trip, these boots were the "go to" footwear on my trip. They kept my feet dry, were comfortable to walk in (one day I walked 13 miles), and were much cheaper than any other options I explored. I've worn them multiple times since returning to the states and believe these will last me for a long time to come.

These Chelsae boots are easily cleaned by just a hose or wiping with a damp cloth.

The insoles are comfortable enough to let you walk on a straight surface for a long time. On an uneven surface, however, your feet may start aching after a long day of wading. Plus, these are not that good in chilly weather too.

7. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Wading Boots – Premium Choice

I needed a pair of hiking boots to replace the Keene boots that were only 1 1/2 yrs old but not only lost their waterproofing in the first six months but had a weed stalk in the field go right through the side and almost break my skin. This was the second pair of Keene’s that had gone bad in just over a year and, at $130 I was getting tired of replacing them.

Started looking at reviews and found these. They have a large toe box with plenty of room. Before I took them out I took another reviewers advice and put a coating of Mink Oil on them. They were comfortable but I knew they’d take a little break in. I now have about three or four miles of walking through the fields and surprisingly they seem to be breaking in rather quickly. I usually put on about 500-700 miles a year.

One note, if you’re looking for hiking boots that will give you really good ankle support these ARE NOT for you, look elsewhere. These are for easy hiking, fields and roadway. When I got them I first put in a pair of Dr. Scholls and that went a long way toward making them immediately comfortable.

You may think of them as the best waterproof fishing boots for mens. But recently, I have seen a downfall in timberland quality. The newer boots are swift to fall apart and have major durability issues.

8. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Waterproof Wading Boots – Tactical Design

My friends who have served as marines recommended these tactical boots as a durable pair of waterproof fly fishing boots. These are lightweight and practical. The military design gives them an uber-chic look to carry casually too.

The comfortable lycra inner repels water and keeps the feet dry. Fast tie laces tighten the boots as much as you want. The close-fit ankle cuff and tongue prevent any sand or tiny stones from entering these best waterproof wading boots for men. You can use them for hiking, wading, fishing, combat, military, and hunting purposes.

They may feel a bit roomy to most people since they run a little large.

9. NORTIV 8 Men’s Ankle High Waterproof Wading Boots – Braided Laces

I picked this up recently I've wore them daily for a week now, both in casual situations and out in the woods on both flat and steep terrain. They have excellent grip in mud loose dirt and wet dirt they dig in that was one of the reasons i took a stab at them. When i ordered was not a single review so i took a chance, as i say many before my review did.

Long term durability this what most important right? For that i cannot say yet. I've looked over it's construction it seems to have all right details but even looks can deceive so time will tell right? When the time comes I will update my review on regards based on durability say maybe 6 months from now. They are made in china that shouldn't be surprising to anyone at this point in time lol. Only durability issues i was seeing or having seems few bits of the sowing wanted to fray my advice take a bic lighter (just an example what i meant any lighter be fine) melt them before they get out of hand and undo in the future. It could be a future problem I will keep my eyes on it.

Walking in them is very comfy I felt like I was walking on clouds which makes since as they have an EVA insole, which isn't glued in. Meaning long as the boot holds up you can buy replacement EVA insoles for them from other manufacturers. The pair I got even came with a packet that had 2 extra laces so even get back ups if you ever need them.

The waterproofing I have not tested, I would say it would be fine as the tongue is a complete wrap with no opening but over an ankle deep of water and they going to flood makes sense I'm sure?

I got the black/gray pair they are a little warm on the feet, but i expected that most black clothing is little warmer than light colors.

The boot is incredible light, as light as a pair of RND1 basket ball sneakers i have, from the looks of them you wouldn't think that, but they really are may even be slightly lighter than them.

The boots are both easy to put on and take off really easy i was really happy with that. For poison oak/ivy reasons lol.

I recommend relacing these after you get them if you like a foot hugging snug feel and tightness. Out of the box lacing little loser than I preferred, but not a flaw that is a personal preference.
After my relacing of the boot the snug feeling worked great stayed snug all day long laces never stretched or let up on it.

These are not wides i know some men even women wear wide boots and shoes there is no option at the time i bought for a wide foot so keep that in mind before you buy these just made for an avg sized foot in width. my foot at widest point is about 4 inches wide any wider i'd not got my foot in them comfortably.

Now this be a rule of thumb my dad taught me on buying shoes, these are pretty much shoes with a hiking boot tread.
if you wear a size 10 go with a 10 1/2. i wear 10.5 or wore a 10.5 in my past before he told me this rule of thumb. Now i wear a 11 by following his guidance and it was some great advice from a wise man. The advice makes things feel much better and more comfortable in the short & long terms. This is just general advice when buying any shoe be it online or in a store in person.

(Edit Review Update August 21st 2019)
After about 15 days part of the sole on inner side left rear heel started coming lose for no reason, but i took bottle of guerilla glue and I've had no issues since. I filled that hole full with it its been glued since. Still wearing them daily that has been the only serious issue i had with these. So take note, buy a bottle guerilla glue when you buy these lol. I've wore them daily since i bought them thats been the only serious problem. Made in china though and it shows least it did for me so i'm dropping a star i think thats fair no one should have to glue their shoe back together after 15 days of daily use. I'd go back to 3 but that would be unfair as i'm still wearing them daily. NORTIV 8 should partner with guerilla glue as they work well together.

(Edit 10/17/2022)
Believe it or not but I still wear these. Total wear time about 1 1/2 years. i think I could get 2 years worth of wear time out of them but i think that's about all I could get comfortably. I don't wear them 1/2 of the year so technically i wear them about 1/2 of a year spring & summer. So to clarify the total wear time, I got about 1 1/2 years worth of time wearing them, yet I've owned them little over 3 years.
Whats going on with them in 2022? Insoles are 100% dead rest of construction is still holding up. I never had any issues out of them since the super glue incident. Laces are still good but I can see overall fabric and structure fatigue setting in this is why i say last update. I will be retiring them in about 2 days.

I wore these mainly for walking and daily activities, i worked very little in them. I did some firewood collecting work in them but nothing that could damage them type of work. Once the insoles die they no longer felt as if I was walking on clouds, no it felt like walking on concrete lol. That's to be expected though. With all said I got my money out of them I gave $35, they was a new release so i caught them early in. Not many $35 boots/shoes would last me this long or anyone else I'm sure.

Anyways, Take care I hope my long and over time review and updates helped everyone. See ya on some other boots/shoes maybe.

10. Men’s Waterproof Wading and Fishing Boots – GORE-TEX Covering

These boots are comfortable right off (size is dead on with robust socks) and no sloppy details in the construction. Seem waterproof but yet to test that. The collar padding is generous and I like that for warmth, comfort and keeping out dirt and snow. I am curious how long the eyelets hold up. I gave 4 stars only because the left boot at start has a rub on inside ankle. I believe its from an internal piece that I am sure I can stress to round it enough to alleviate the issue. Oh there is no reference weight listed - mine are size 10 and 35oz. Not super light --but 1/4 lbs. lighter then much lower shaft Rockrooster hiking/trekking waterproof boots I ordered at same time! I wish all manufacturers would list a reference size weight to save on returns.

Overall, these are good waterproof wading boots. Give good grip, provide sufficient ankle support, and have speed laces. But the heavily padded tongue and the narrow toe box were a little problematic for me.


Q. Can I use waterproof mud boots for wading?

Yes! Mud shoes for wading are suitable for traction in muddy and wet areas and use waterproof rubber material in their making. Both of these properties are very useful while fly fishing.

Q. Which are the best waterproof rubber boots?

The Huk Men’s Rogue wave shoes are one of the best waterproof rubber boots available on the market. They are one of the best lightweight wading boots, very grippy, and can withstand light splashes to pouring rain easily.

wading Fly fishing You may think that wet feet are inevitable while fly fishing or wading. But with the best waterproof wading boots, your dream can become a reality.

There are many best fly fishing boots options available, but my favorite waterproof wading boots are the Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Suede Waterproof Hiking Shoe. They are comfortable to wear and are very efficient. The waterproofing is exceptional, and the grip is phenomenal.

So bye-bye, wet feet!

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