What are Wading Boots? Buying Guide!


What are Wading Boots? Buying Guide!

Here we have answered an important question, what are wading boots? And how a good wading boot can make your fly fishing trip comfortable.

Wading Boots or Fishing boots ensure that while skipping stones with a fly rod, the fish comes to you, not you slip in the water with it!

wading boots over a puddle of water
Standing your ground and being steady is crucial while wading, or imagine the injuries you could get from slipping in a fast-flowing river. And that is why wading isn’t just about grabbing your best fly reel and rod and hitting the nearest river—ever heard of wading boots? They are an essential part of angling gear that can prevent several injuries from hitting the river bottom face-first.

a man with waders on fly fishing
So, what are wading boots? What do they do, and how can they help you? I’ll spill all the beans about them in these FAQs about fly fishing boots by absolute beginners.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about them;

What Is Wading Boots?

Wading boots are ankle-high (or higher) boots that can keep you steady in slick conditions such as mossy rocks, wet stones, logs, etc. They have soles that are specifically there to produce traction on slippery surfaces.

What Are Wading Boots Used For?

When you need to wade through the river to get to the perfect spot you need for casting your bait, you want traction and support. Fly fishing boots are used to achieve both. Can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Learn more about the best wading boots for surf fishing here.

Are Wading Boots Waterproof?

Most dictionaries and encyclopedias online will tell you that they are and can keep your feet dry while angling. WRONG! Wading boots are NOT waterproof and do NOT keep your feet dry. Instead, they have holes to let the water flow in and out without any hindrance.

So do wading boots get wet inside? Yes, they do, and unless you wear a wader underneath, your feet will be all wet and mushy. That leads us to the following FAQ.

What To Wear With Wading Boots?

There’s a list of clothing items and accessories you need to pack before you go wading. They will keep you dry and protect you from getting hurt at the river.

Here’s what you need to wear with fly fishing boots;

Waterproof wadersSocksLife jacketGlovesHatClothes as per the weather
So, can you wear wader boots without waders? The answer is yes. If you don’t mind your feet wet or the temperature is not low enough for you to not enjoy the water, you can wear your wading boots without waders.

fly fishing

Are Fishing Boots Necessary?

And now the million-dollar question; do I need a wading boot? And I cannot stress enough the fact that yes, you do. They are essentially the difference between catching fish and falling in the river with them.

Moreover, they are also necessary if you don’t want to stub your toes or ankles in the unseen pointy branches or other debris in the water. Wading boots have rubberized covers in the most injury-prone areas to keep your feet safe. Also, the ankle cuff is stiff to keep your ankles from twisting and turning unnaturally.

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How Do Wader Boots Work?

Wading boots have the job of keeping you comfy while you are out in the river for long hours. The three salient features that help them do what they do are;

1. Traction
Their soles have a design that helps them hold onto the most slippery surfaces.

2. Protection
The shoe’s body is rugged and has resistant to wear material to protect the feet from rubbing against rough edges. Additionally, the toes, heels, and ankle regions have rubber covers for extra protection.

3. Drainage
The boots themselves are lightweight, and they have small holes in their soles that drain out any water and sand that accumulates in the shoe. Hence, they remain light even after soaking in the water for many hours. So you can fish in them all day long.

fish in a bucket and a man sitting with a fly rod and wading boots

There are two basic types of wading boots depending on the material of their sole;

1. Felt Sole
These soles have been around for some time and are pretty grippy in slick conditions too, but are illegal in many states. Why are felt boots banned? A group of harmful animal species stick to felt and get a free ride from one river to another with the shoes for wading. That is why many states have banned felt, and more are joining in.

You can read more on felt wading boots here.

2. Rubber Soles
The more modern rubber soles are also almost as better at providing traction as their felt cousins. They have seen many modifications over the years that make them equally good, if not better, at their job.

Wading Boots Vs Hiking Boots – Are Fishing Boots Good For Hiking?

Wading boots and hiking boots are very similar. Both of them have one primary function, keeping the wearer steady. Their soles are grippy, and the upper part is tough to endure abrasions.

wading boots in water
But how are wading boots different? The fundamental difference is in their ability to deal with water. Hikers come in contact with little water during snowfall or hiking near rivers or streams. Hence, hiking boots are waterproof and can keep that little water out. But when you are wading in knee-deep water, avoiding water is good as impossible. Fly fishing boots let it in and out quickly through its ports to be lightweight.

What Are Stockingfoot Waders?

Stocking waders serve as an alternative to wader boots, though not a very good one. They are knee-high waterproof booties that anglers can wear with or without shoes. They aren’t as hard, so they offer little to no protection against potential injuries.

Do Stockingfoot Waders Keep Your Feet Dry?
Stockingfoot waders are waterproof and can keep your feet dry as long as there is no hole in them.

What Boots To Wear With Stockingfoot Waders?
You can wear any of your favorite fly fishing boots with a Stockingfoot wader as long as you buy one or two sizes up to accommodate your waders.

women fishing

What Are The Some Good Wading Boots?

More than a million options are available in the market, and every angler has his favorite according to his specific needs and preference. Read about my favorites in this article on the best fly fishing boots.

If you dream of catching a mighty trout during your next fishing trip, think about giving wading boots a try. They are reliable for providing solid ground beneath your feet, even when you don’t have one.

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